Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 reportedly in development with possible early 2014 launch

Korean website Digital Times has reported that Samsung is already working on a sequel to its Galaxy Gear smartwatch, a bit of wearable technology that proved disappointing in certain aspects. The development is said to have started at the beginning of this month, and the Korean company hopes to launch it as early as the first quarter of next year.

Though the Galaxy Gear had a variety of things to offer, not the least of which is an integrated camera, some complaints have focused on things like battery life issues, and its lack of widespread compatibility to a variety of devices. Such issues will reportedly be addressed with the next iteration of the smartwatch.

Says the Korean media outlet, the sources they spoke to say that Samsung kicked off development of the next-generation smartwatch not too long ago, aiming to solve some of the aforementioned problems. As such, the Galaxy Gear 2 will reportedly have better battery life, as well as wider compatibility with Android smartphones and an integrated GPS chip.

Going by the same report, it would seem that Samsung used the initial Galaxy Gear as a sort of trial run to see what reception was like and what kind of feedback would result, shaping the next product. If all goes as rumored, we'll be seeing the next generation of the smartwatch at CES 2014 or Mobile World Congress a short time later.

VIA: Android Community