Samsung Galaxy gaming phone with a cooling fan might be in the works

Almost all phones, especially the high-end ones, are actually capable of handling mobile gaming, even the graphics-intensive ones. Dedicated gaming phones, however, add some special features aimed to make gamers' lives easier. That includes keeping their phones from burning down from all that activity. Instead of just advanced cooling technologies, some gaming phones go old school and actually put fans inside the phone. Ridiculous as that may sound, Samsung may have actually taken notice and might be implementing its own phone fan in the future.

To be clear, that isn't yet a certainty but Samsung just reserved the marketing phrase for such a feature. Spotted by LetsGoDigital, Samsung applied for a trademark in Europe for "Activate Fan Mode" that applies to phones and tablets. Considering none of Samsung's current mobile devices has a fan to activate, it only makes sense that it will be coming in a future phone.

Activate Fan Mode suggests that it is a future that users will be able to turn the fan on or off, a reverse of the "No Fan Mode" that Samsung implemented in the new Galaxy Book Pro laptop. While No Fan Mode tries to offer a quieter computer experience, Activate Fan Mode allows users to push their phone's hardware to the limit without throttling the CPU from the heat.

Of course, Samsung's phones don't get excruciatingly hot while gaming but they might also suffer from thermal throttling in that sense. This could be a particular problem when Samsung launches its rumored Exynos 2200 that will come with AMD graphics technology. Samsung will surely try to push such a phone as a gaming phone and will probably need some additional cooling systems to compensate.

Of course, this is still just conjecture based on a single trademark filing. Samsung is expected to focus first on an Arm-based laptop with the rumored Exynos 2200 but a phone might also be on the table. Whether that will be a dedicated gaming phone complete with a built-in fan is also a distinct possibility but only a possibility nonetheless.