Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 'Nightfury' may launch with QLED display

Samsung is likely working on a new Chromebook model that goes by the codename 'Nightfury,' and a new leak claims this upcoming model will feature a QLED display. The new model — assuming the leak pans out — will join the existing Samsung Galaxy Chromebook model, which features an impressive but pricey 4K AMOLED screen.

The Samsung 'Nightfury' Chromebook has been known — unofficially, at least — since earlier this year, with a report from Chrome Unboxed claiming back in February that Samsung was working on a new model. Evidence of Nightfury, which is a codename for a likely Galaxy Chromebook sequel, was discovered in Chromium repositories, though precious few details were available.

In an update on the leak published this week, the site now claims that Nightfury will feature Samsung's QLED display tech, which is best known as an option with the company's televisions. This feature would set the upcoming model apart from the existing Galaxy Chromebook, which features a 4K AMOLED display offering very vivid colors and, ultimately, a high-end Chrome OS experience.

The detail was discovered in a new Chromium commit on Google's website today, which includes a bit of code indicating that Nightfury is a QLED variant of the existing Samsung Galaxy Chromebook model. The QLED variant may be a cheaper alternative to the 4K AMOLED option, which starts at $549 USD.

Though QLED won't offer the same level of color vividness as the AMOLED option, it will likely stand out among other LCD-packing Chromebooks, particularly when it comes to display brightness. Other details about the Samsung Nightfury model aren't available at this time and the company has not officially announced the Chromebook.