Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 to come with QLED screen, lower price tag

Chromebooks, just like their Windows laptop counterparts, come in all sizes and prices. Google's Chrome OS platform, however, has traditionally been pushed to more "economical" devices aimed at academic institutions and workplaces. From time to time, there do come premium models, like Samsung Galaxy Chromebook that may have ended up being too premium for its own good. A sequel has been rumored to be on its way and, if the rumors are correct, it could be a better deal except in one particular aspect.

The Galaxy Chromebook, which made headlines because of its fiery red color and $999 price tag, would have been the ultimate premium Chromebook if not for a few critical flaws, including that price. The 4K AMOLED display was gorgeous but the disappointing battery life meant you had little time to enjoy that screen. The 10th-gen Intel Core i5 was also paired with 8GB of RAM only which, while a decent pair, made it again look too expensive for the specs.

There have been leaks about a Galaxy Chromebook 2 that will apparently inherit its predecessor's flaring color. Unlike the first Galaxy Chromebook, however, it seems that Samsung has taken a step backward in an attempt to strike a more acceptable compromise between features, price, and especially battery life.

According to tipster WalkingCat, the Galaxy Chromebook 2 will be the first Chromebook with a QLED screen, moving away from what could have been a battery-draining 4K AMOLED panel. The target battery life is more than 12 hours, a step above the older model. Unfortunately, it will be powered by a 10th-gen Intel Core i3 at a time when an 11th-gen processor is already available.

All of these, according to the source, will result in a $699 price tag, a hefty $300 off the first-gen model. Presuming Samsung manages to keep all the other features intact, this Galaxy Chromebook 2 could be the Chromebook to beat in early 2021.