Samsung FX2490HD Computer Monitor Works as a TV Too

Evan Selleck - Aug 4, 2010
Samsung FX2490HD Computer Monitor Works as a TV Too

Watching TV on your computer really isn’t all that revolutionary. There’s plenty of people out there who’ve turned down their TV entirely, just because they can get the same entertainment right on their computer. But, seeing a computer monitor that has the same functions as a TV doesn’t happen every day. Samsung unveiled the FX2490HD in South Korea today, allowing its features to speak for itself.

The FX2490HD is 24-inches of display goodness. The monitor features an integrated TV tuner, has the ability to use picture-in-picture, and native support for 7.1-channel Dolby Digital and DTS audio. Unfortunately, there is no word on what the resolution of the monitor is, but Electronista believes that, due to the size, that 1080p isn’t all that out of the question. We’d have to second that sentiment.

But what’s a monitor/TV without its inputs, right? You’ll find two HDMI ports on the FX2490HD, as well as one VGA port. There is also a USB port, so you’ll be able to display images, music, and video right from a peripheral device, like your phone or digital camera. Right off the bat, and not surprising at all, the FX2490HD will land in Korea first, appearing in the market some time this month. But, unlike a few other international releases over the last few days, Samsung has confirmed that a US-based launch is coming soon. Pricing is set around $470.

[via Electronista]

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