Samsung foldable "outie" design now rumored to be ready as well

Given how it ended up with egg on its face on its first try, you'd think Samsung would take it easy with the foldable phones. Of course, you could expect it to feverishly fix the Galaxy Fold but not that it would have three, yes three, successors in the works. Of course, given budget and marketing restraints, only one of these three could become the Galaxy Fold 2. And if rumors that it will be trying to beat Huawei to the punch again, that could be its own "outie" foldable phone like the Huawei Mate X pictured above.

Before the proverbial excrement hit the fan for both companies, Samsung and Huawei were butting heads over who had the better foldable design. Samsung opted for the "innie" style which matched more closely what people imagined foldable phones would look like. Huawei argued, on the other hand, that its "outie" is more economical and more efficient.

Neither phone has hit the market because Samsung ran into critical design flaws and Huawei's fate still hangs in the balance over the US ban. Huawei reportedly still intends to launch the Mate X in September, using 5G integration as an excuse for the delay. Samsung, however, might try to steal its thunder before that happens.

According to Korean media, the company plans to launch an outward-folding device before Huawei does, which puts the timeline around September or a bit later. Samsung did have a prototype for such a phone but decided to push through with the innie Galaxy Fold instead. Now it sees an opportunity to make a name for itself on both designs, taking advantage of Huawei's present troubles.

That, of course, is probably too ideal an outlook. It has yet to actually launch the Galaxy Fold, which may happen in July, and has the Galaxy Note 10 scheduled for August. A September or even October launch for a Galaxy Fold 2 not only sounds unlikely, it could also be extremely risky.