Samsung first to mass produce 3D LCD/LED HDTV panels

The largest maker of LCD television displays by volume, Samsung Electronics announced today in a press release that it will be the first company to begin the mass production of panels used for three-dimensional TV displays, in both LED and LCD High-Def formats.

The company began producing LED and LCD compatible panels for 40-inch, 46-inch and 55-inch full-HD 3D TVs using '3D Active Glasses' this month, employing Samsung's exclusive true 240Hz technology, that will enhance 3D content to for a more natural appearance, as well as give 2D images a visual voost during fast moving sequences.

Samsung originally pronounced its 2010 lineup of HDTVs at this month' s Consumer Electronics Show (where 3D television technology was pretty much the talk of the show).  There's no word on when these 3D HDTVs will be available to pull off store shelves, but it shouldn't be long until we can bring 3D goodness to our living rooms.