Samsung E2210 Hello Kitty phone debuts

Do you think the person or persons who though up that infernal Hello Kitty would have ever thought the feline would be popping up on our beloved gadgets with such frequency? A couple of new Samsung phones have popped up in full Hello Kitty livery.

My four-year-old certainly wants one; I guess that is the age group they are going for. The handset is apparently going to be offered in Belgium first and there will be two models. The Star Hello kitty edition is the most appealing of the two, and by appealing I mean in a strictly it has a touchscreen sense.

The E2210 is a clamshell phone and both are decked out with that bow wearing cat and Pepto pink color scheme. The E2210 will sell for about $100 with the Star going for about $250. Other than the color, the devices are the same as their normal hued twins.