Samsung Dream Doghouse includes hot tub

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 5, 2015, 1:35 pm CST
Samsung Dream Doghouse includes hot tub

Some of us stuff a pillow in a box and make our cat’s day; others buy their dog a miniature doggy mansion and go to bed at night knowing their pet could lounge in its own hot tub if it wanted. Such a reality has gotten a little more real with Samsung‘s new Dream Doghouse, a somewhat small clear-sided doghouse with all the trimmings Fido might want, including art work on the walls. The company only made one of them, so if you’re already polishing your credit card, don’t get your hopes too high.

The Samsung Dream Doghouse is the brainchild of a dozen designers who spent six weeks putting it together. There is, of course, a Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet on the wall for reasons we can’t possibly guess. More realistically (though we do use that term lightly), there’s also a treadmill and that small hot tub, letting the dog get its own exercise and relaxation.

There’s furniture for the pooch to do its lounging after a hard day of chasing tennis balls, and clear walls so the owner can see what it’s up to inside of its little domicile. Astro-Turf and a doggy-controlled snack dispenser round out the miniature mansion’s features.

It doesn’t appear Samsung has any plans to make the Dream Doghouse commercially available, as this is the only one and it was given away as part of a contest on social media that ended earlier this week.

VIA: Fortune

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