Samsung denies claim its TVs cheat energy efficiency tests

In response the recent report from the UK newspaper The Guardian, Samsung has issued saying it firmly rejects the claim that their TVs use a power-saving mode to cheat energy consumption tests in the lab. As The Guardian reported, EU-funded research group ComplianTV had written an "unpublished" study that found Samsung TVs used a "motion lighting" feature to lower the brightness during lab tests, resulting in lower energy usage levels than what would be found in real-world situations.

In a blog post, Samsung went on to explain the motion lighting feature as something that has been on the company's TVs since 2011, and is a default setting that is enabled out-of-the-box. The setting "reduces power consumption by reducing screen brightness when the picture on the screen is in motion," the company wrote.

"Motion lighting is not a setting that only activates during compliance testing. On the contrary, it is a default setting which works both in the lab and at home."

Samsung did acknowledge that users have the choice to manually adjust their TVs settings, which can in turn disable the energy-saving features. "If the customer chooses to alter their display settings or switch to a different mode then the feature switches off, which gives our customers a simple choice of whether they choose to prioritize power efficiency or performance in their TV."

SOURCE Samsung

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