Samsung clarifies security updates schedule

Samsung has fortunately turned over a new leaf and has significantly improved its game when it comes to software updates for its phones. It's still not as smooth or as fast as some would hope but, considering all other factors, it's still a laudable accomplishment. There are still some rough edges that need to be smoothed out, especially when it comes to messaging. Samsung has, fortunately, gotten the message, pun intended, and has clarified which phones will get which security updates and when.

Samsung categorized its Android security updates into three cadences. The first goes out monthly, at least ideally, and is reserved for those that are still covered by the usual two-year support period. Some phones beyond that, many of them on their third year in the market, are still eligible for quarterly updates.

There are, however, also some older models that are noted to still fall under "other regular security updates" but that's also where the confusion begins. That could mean anything from once a year to three times a year, without stepping into the higher quarterly tier.

Samsung has now updated its Security Updates page to reflect more concise wording, calling it "Biannual Security Updates". Although it doesn't exactly say when those updates will come, it at least guarantees that they'd be rolled out twice a year. This group includes the likes of the Galaxy Note FE at the very top to the Galaxy M10 at the bottom and most of the Galaxy J line that has probably been discontinued now.

While it doesn't exactly expand the number of phones and tablets that will be getting security updates, this small shift in wording practically ties Samsung to committing to a biannual release for them. In addition to the surprising move to promise four years of updates for some phones moving forward, it is clear that Samsung is trying to do good by its faithful Android customers.