Samsung catching up with Intel in semiconductor market revenue

When it comes to the semiconductor market, we tend to think that there are only Intel and AMD because most of us just think about computer processors. Intel is at the top of the overall semiconductor market in revenue, which includes processors for all sorts of devices from computers to smartphones and more. However, a company that might surprise you is right on its heels.

AMD is way down the list if top semiconductor firms in revenue behind a bunch of companies that you may not even be aware exist. AMD sits at number 12 in the rankings of the top 25 semiconductor suppliers for 2010 and in 2009; it had the number eight spot showing things are going the wrong way for AMD. The second place company in the semiconductor market for 2010 is Samsung's, it held the same spot in 2009 as well.

The cool thing is that Samsung Electronics is growing much faster in the semiconductor market today that Intel is. The percent change for Samsung between 2009 and 2010 was 59.1%. At the same time, Intel grew 25.5%. More telling is that Samsung had 9.2% of the total global revenue for the market and Intel had 13.3% showing just how close Samsung is to be the largest firm on a revenue basis.

[via iSuppli]