Samsung, Blackberry double-team enterprise data security

Is the most secure of both worlds? It sure sounds that way. Samsung and Blackberry have come together, but it won't be for a weird new phone. This time, both companies are taking their respective security platforms, and combining them into a single effort. Blackberry's BES12 and Samsung's KNOX will partner for an end-to-end security solution, which will be made available on all Galaxy phones that currently have KNOX. Their target market? You guessed it — the coveted enterprise space.

While KNOX safeguards your files beneath layers of hardware and software protection, Blackberry's BES12 will utilize its enterprise mobility management (EMM) backbone to securely send those files. Essentially, the two companies have partnered to bring a network for mobile enterprise customers, transferring files from one secure locker to another. Securely.

Both companies are well-heeled in enterprise, but they're moving in opposite directions. Blackberry has seen their market share across the board fall off, and are re-dedicating themselves to enterprise. Samsung created KNOX specifically to appeal to enterprise customers, and increase their footprint there.

For those excited about this news, Samsung and Blackberry won't make you wait long to try it all out. They say this program will start to hit handsets in "early 2015". Samsung will "resell BES12 to joint customers", while Blackberry will offer KNOX in the BES12 gold package. Pricing has not yet been finalized.

Source: Blackberry