Samsung BD-P1000 Player Wracked With Issues

If you've read any reviews of Samsung's new BD-P1000 Blu-ray disc player, you've heard that it has a number of issues, including video playback softness, DTS decoding issues, and more. Well, apparently Samsung is well-aware of these issues and has traced the video playback issue to a faulty setting on the player's noise reduction chip. The really fun news is that, if you bought one of these defective boxes, Samsung might take as long as September before they release a firmware update that will fix your issues. No word on whether the sound issues have been fixed or not, but Blu-ray's launch will go down in history as one of the biggest rushed foul-ups ever; NO Blu-ray player was released without some sort of show-stopping issue. With Sony's track record of proprietary media formats already horrible, they really can't afford to have their collaborators screw up this badly this soon.

[via Ultimate AV Mag]