Samsung Bang & Olufsen Serene II and F330

So there isn't much to say about these two phones that is known for fact, but what we do have are their names (insert Shakespeare reference here). Samsung is making both of them and their names for the devices are the F330 and the SGH-F310.

Since they are being made for Bang & Olufsen you can be sure of three things, first, they are going to look weird as hell, but have tons of functionality, second, they aren't going to be cheap, and third, they are going to change the names. So fare the F330 has kept its name and gone untouched, the SGH-F310 has several potential names though, among them are, Serene II, Serenata, and then the least likely one, leaving it as it is.

The SGH-F310 has UMTS/EDGE/HSDPA@1.8Mbps and is purported to have a 240x240 touchscreen, 4GB of internal memory, MP3 player, and an MPEG 4 Player. The F330 is supposed to have EDGE/HSDPA@3.6Mbps, Bluetooth and USB connectivity all situated around a 240x320 display with a 2MP camera and a microSD card slot.

Samsung Bang & Olufsen Serene II and F330 music phone are ready [via Newlaunches]