Samsung Announces Miserly 1.25V Green DDR3 Modules For Low Power Servers

Samsung has announced a new line of green DDR3 memory modules for ultra low power servers. The new RAM is offered in RDIMM modules and is designed for use in low-power enterprise server systems at 1.25V. The modules use 4Gb DDR3 components that are based on 30nm class process technology. The new RAM is more power efficient than 1.5V and the previous class leading 1.35V modules.

The 1.25V memory will be offered in 16GB RDIMMs and each 16GB module will consume 3.7W per hour and provide an operating bandwidth of 1.333Mbps. That is a 15% power savings compared to the green 1.35V 16GB RDIMMs that use 30nm-class 4Gb chips. Samsung plans for mass production of the new 1.25V modules in multiple densities.

The RAM will be offered in 4GB, 8GB, and the 16GB modules. The modules will enter mass production after being qualified with OEMs. The memory should help large data centers save more money on power use and might reduce heat output from the servers too.