Samsung and Lenovo look to get into VIA VX900 netbook market

Late last month VIA dropped its new media system processor on us called the VX900. The processor had some nice specs and offered lots of connectivity support and the ability to accelerate video locally and streamed from cloud-based storage. Reports are coming in that two major netbook makers are set to launch machines using the new processor soon.Lenovo and Samsung are reportedly getting machines running VX900 ready for the mainstream. The launch date for both companies is said to be June 2010, which is only a few months away now.

The VX900 is expected to be on par with the Intel Atom processor line as far as power efficiency goes and will play 1080p HD video just as well. Reports also say that the netbooks using the VX900 chipset will use HD resolution screens, which would make sense to take advantage of the new platform.