Samsung and Apple to continue parts cooperation beyond 2012

Despite the ongoing multinational legal feud and fierce competition in smartphones and tablets between Samsung and Apple, the two companies may extend their long-standing business relationship when it comes to the supply side. According to the Korean Herald, Samsung COO Lee Jae-yong revealed that Samsung could continue to supply Apple with crucial components beyond 2012.

The Korea Times had reported earlier this week that Apple looks to continue sourcing its A6 quad-core chips from Samsung for its next-gen iPhone and iPad models. But today's report confirms that the supply-side relationship could continue even further and that the two companies are working towards diffusing the bad blood.

Lee had a a more than two-hour meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook on Monday after he was invited to attend the internal memorial service for the late Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs. During the meeting, the two discussed past challenges and ways to improve future relations.

"For the 2013-2014 period, we discussed how best to supply even better parts," said Lee, confirming that Samsung would continue to supply components to Apple at least through 2012 and could continue that relationship for the long-term.

However, Lee said that Samsung would weigh its options on whether to expand its legal battle against Apple and that the company would not sit idle and allow Apple to hurt its interests. Lee also added that in the business world there will always be intense competition but that it "needs to be in fair manner for the benefit of the consumer, and this stance existed in the past, is taking place now, and will occur in the future."