Samsung AMOLED plant opens ahead of schedule

Samsung has been working on building up its new production line for AMOLED screens for a while now. These high-end screens have been in short supply and the lack of supply has at times been the reason why some popular and high-end smartphones weren't available in the numbers the maker would have liked. Samsung has announced that its new 5.5 generation AMOLED plant is now ready to start production ahead of schedule.

The production has commenced at the plant two months earlier than expected. The production line will be focusing on small and medium-size panels and there are plans to open two other 5.5G production lines too. The first production stage will spit out 24,000 gen 5.5 substrates monthly. The glass substrate size on the new 5.5g line will be 1300 x 1500mm compared to the 4.5g line producing a substrate of 730 x 920mm.

The new plant coming online means that Samsung is also hiring more employees for the facility. Samsung will hire 3,000 new workers. The construction of the plant began last June. Samsung claims that the new plant will help it to reduce costs and increase its productivity and competitiveness on the market globally.

[via OLED-Display]