Samsung acquires medical imaging company NeuroLogica

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In an effort to boost its medical imaging business, Samsung has acquired NeuroLogica, a company that specializes in such technology, and a manufacturer of portable computed tomography (CT) scanners. While it's not certain what Samsung is up to exactly, it seems they're wanting make a greater impact in the medical field.

The financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed, but Samsung said that they plan on becoming one of the world's leading medical equipment company by 2020. The acquisition of NeuroLogica is simply just another step to reach that goal. Samsung plans to "continue to strengthen its capabilities and product portfolio to establish itself as a trusted leader in the health and medical equipment industry."

As a part of its 2020 vision to become a leader in the medical technology field, the company said that it's committed to exploring new avenues of growth and progress in the healthcare business, and they want to do this by enhancing medical imaging diagnosis, which would benefit not only the doctors, but the patients as well.

Samsung just recently announced the addition of Samsung Health & Medical Equipment, which merged employees from its 2010 acquisition of Medison with its Enterprise Business Division. The acquisition of Medison was yet another big step for Samsung to achieving its 2020 goal of becoming a medical technology powerhouse.