Samsung 3D TVs landing at Sears locations in March with demo systems in stores

The 3D TV boom is coming in 2010 with a huge amount of 3D content coming to satellite and cable providers. 3D Blu-ray movies are also coming along with a bunch of new 3D Blu-ray players and an update for the PS3 to support 3D is coming as well. The part that home theater fans will need is a new TV that is 3D ready.

Many of us will want to see 3D TVs in action before we drop the kind of money that the sets will command. Samsung's new 3D LED TVs will be coming to Sears in March. The good news is that Sears locations will have the sets up and running for us to check out before you buy.

Sears will offer a 46-inch 3D LED TV for $2,599.99 and a larger 55-inch 3D set will be offered for $3,299.99. If you are willing to buy without trying the sets out, they are available on the Sears website right now. I'd rather have that huge 72-inch Vizio 3D set if I were looking to spend $3,300 on a new 3D TV.