Samsung 350ppi display tech could make OLED the next Retina

The mobile device world has gone resolution crazy thanks in part to the high-resolution Retina screens from Apple. Now that the iPhone and iPad have high-resolution and high pixel density screens, you can bet other manufacturers are looking for similar screens of their own for mobile products. A report has surfaced from Korea claiming that Samsung has managed to reach an impressively high pixel density on an OLED display.

According to the report, Samsung has hit 350 ppi on an OLED display using Fine Metal Mask technology. Samsung had previously used L ITI technology to hit such pixel densities on portable displays. If the report is accurate and Samsung was able to hit the 350 ppi mark using Fine Metal Mask, it would be able to roll out the process to its current AMOLED facilities.

There has been no official confirmation from Samsung that it has hit this milestone. However, if it's true, we could see significantly higher pixel density OLED screens coming to smartphones soon. Apple's Retina display has a pixel density of 326 ppi for comparison.

[via OLED-info]