Samsung 32GB DDR3 RAM stick revealed

Supposedly, Samsung has done something completely different today by announcing their 32GB DDR3 RAM stick. In fact, the company is claiming this is the first 32GB DDR3 RAM, ever, which is pretty impressive.

It is by using a 50-nanometer process that makes this possible. Then, 16-gigabit memory chips are placed on both sides of the stick. These chips are 2GB and stacked, then are lined up to make nine in total. This adds up to that beloved number of 32GB.

Even better, this memory stick uses 20-percent less power that the pervious models made by the company, with the new stick using 1.35V and the old using 1.5V. This Samsung offering is designed for use in servers, not regular computers. We don't know a release date or pricing yet, but you can rest assured this will be quite costly.