Samsung 20nm 4Gb DDR3 RAM enters mass production

Samsung has announced that it has entered mass production on advanced DDR3 RAM that will be used in a number of computer applications. The new DDR3 RAM uses Samsung's new 20nm process technology. The new RAM uses currently available immersion ArF lithography technology.

Samsung points out that building DRAM on smaller process technology is much more difficult than building NAND Flash memory on a smaller process. Whereas the NAND flash memory only needs a transistor in each cell, the DRAM needs a transistor and capacitor linked to each other.

To get DRAM using 20nm process tech into production, Samsung refined its design and manufacturing tech while using a modified double patterning and atomic layer disposition. That modified double pattering tech also establishes the core tech needed for next generation 10nm class DRAM production.

Samsung is producing DRAM using the 20nm process technology in 4Gb modules. The modules using this technology will reduce energy consumption by 25% compared to equivalent modules using 25nm process technology.

SOURCE: Samsung