Samsung 110S9 110-Inch UHD TV Aims At Ultra High-End TV Market

Samsung has TV that fit into just about ever niche on the TV market. The company makes cheap TVs that have small screens catering to people on a budget along with medium and large size conventional sets. Samsung also has a line of massive TVs aimed at the ultra high-end segment of the TV market where you have to be rich to play.

TVs in this segment can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Some of the really big TVs like the Samsung 110S9 you see here can cost well over $100,000. This TV is tipped to sell for around $152,000. It's a gigantic set with a 4K Ultra HD resolution packing in 8 million pixels.

The TV has lots of Samsung tech inside to make the picture as high quality as possible. Samsung isn't offering a lot of details on the massive 110-inch TV, but it will be on display at CES 2014 kicking off early next month.

The TV is built when ordered and will be available in China and the Middle East to start with availability in other countries later. As expensive as the TV is, Samsung says that it has already received "strong interest" in the massive set from its VVIP global customers.

SOURCE: Samsung Tomorrow