Samba launches free ad-supported 3G data

We've seen schemes from the likes of FreedomPop which offer "free" mobile internet access, but a company in the UK called Samba is taking the idea one step further. It's partnering with Three UK to provide 517MB of free internet access on iPads if users agree to watch two and a half minutes of commercials. It also requires a app to be installed on the iPad to keep track of internet usage and serve up the ads.

Anyone using Samba can also build up credit by purchasing items that have been referred to them via the adverts, and there's the more traditional route of simply buying credit too. The service isn't just restricted to iPads, as users can buy a SIM card for £2.99 (~$4.67) to insert into a USB stick that will allow laptop owners to get in on the action as well, although a browser plug-in needs to be installed before the service will work. Samba will be offering its own dongle in the future.

Still, for that 500MB a month you've giving up some privacy. Samba say that cookies will be installed on your device that track your internet usage. That includes "traffic data, location data, weblogs, URLs, search terms and other communication data." Certain material will also be restricted, like pornorgraphy and copyrighted/offensive material.

[via Gizmodo UK]