Salsa Table Seats Four, Includes Integrated iPads

Evan Selleck - Oct 15, 2010
Salsa Table Seats Four, Includes Integrated iPads

There are some out there that would argue that technology has separated us, as it has made it easier for us to talk through our gadgets than face to face. On the other side of the fence, you could argue that at least we’re still talking, and with devices like Apple’s iPad, collaboration can be potentially made a lot easier, too. So, what if we make people sit right next to one another, and put an iPad in front of them? Will collaboration increase? One designer believes it will, and the test is the Salsa Table.

The new design is from designer Bram Boo, and it’s meant to serve as a platform that brings people and ideas together, all while they take in as much media as they can. The newly designed table is able to seat four, all facing different directions, and integrate four iPads as well. It’s easy to turn around in your seat and watch what someone else is doing on their own tablet device, though. The Salsa Table is scheduled to be shown off at the Interieur Biennale in Kortrijk, Belgium. What do you think? Will this help with collaboration? Or just show how distant we can be while sitting so close to one another?

[via The Design Blog]

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