Russian Cargo Spacecraft Successfully Docks With ISS

The Russian space freighter headed the ISS on a resupply mission that we mentioned earlier this week has now officially docked with the space station. The spacecraft launched on Monday and performed a successful automated docking procedure with the ISS early Tuesday morning. A mission control spokesman said that the docking was carried out using an automated process as scheduled.

Aboard the Russian cargo ship is water, food, personal hygiene items, medical, and photo equipment. The cargo ship also has Russian flags on board and gifts for the ISS crew. The Progress cargo ships from Russia have launched more than 130 times since 1972.

Progress class ships are described as the backbone of the Russian space cargo fleet. The Russian freighter spacecraft are also used while they're docked with the ISS to adjust the space station's orbit and for conducting scientific experiments. The spacecraft reportedly carried over 2500 kg of supplies and various equipment.

The freighter ship launched and docked with the ISS using a fast-track trajectory that required only six hours to reach the space station. The fast-track trajectory marks the third time that such a trajectory has been used. The typical trajectory requires two days to reach the ISS. Exactly why the fast-track trajectory was chosen is unknown.

[via Zee news]