Russia targets anonymity with Tor bounty

Russia has added another item to its list of controversy, with its interior ministry announcing a bounty for research that will allow them to unmask Tor users. To the lucky one(s) who come up with a method, the sum of 3.9 roubles will be given.

The bounty was revealed publicly, and it has been reported the Russian government stated it was seeking "research work on the possibility to obtain technical information about users (user equipment) of the anonymous network Tor." The ministry has not offered a comment on the bounty.

Tor, for those unaware, is an onion routing option for those seeking anonymity when using the Internet. Individuals who reside in areas where the Internet is restricted, for example, often use it to avoid potential troubles, but it is also used by those with nefarious intentions.

Regardless, the public revelation that Russia is seeking information on how to reveal details on users has ignited a justified outcry. This follows the nation's move to further restrict Internet activities, including the controversial "blogger law" requiring those engaging in such activities to register with its government.

SOURCE: The Guardian