Russia gets an 80m high Samsung Galaxy S7 edge signage

People usually joke about how large our smartphones are getting. Samsung, amusingly, decided to take that literally. Well, almost. In Sokot, Moscow, at the side of the road that leads to the Sheremetyevo International Airport, the around 800,000 people that pass there daily will be able to gawk at a gigantic Galaxy S7 edge. Of course, it's just a signage, but it is definitely one of Samsung's most ambitious, if not obnoxious, marketing stunt to remind people that it has a smaller version of that same curved edge monstrosity.

If you want to be noticed, there is perhaps no better way than to erect a structure that is 80 meters high and 40 meters wide. Almost the same 2:1 proportion as the real Galaxy S7 edge. It is quite thin too, though of course it isn't standing by itself and is attached to a building. The installation is so big that it can be seen even 2.2 kilometers away. Aside from the scale, the fact that it also has curved screen edges is a testament to the design of this project. Admittedly, such curves are easier to pull off and even fake at that scale.

It is interesting that Samsung is kick off its marketing in Europe to such a grandoise level. The Galaxy S7 has been quite well received, even helping pull Samsung out of its financial crisis. However, we haven't really been well informed regarding the market performance of the Galaxy S7 edge by itself. Last year's Galaxy S6 edge caught Samsung off guard, leading to supply and inventory problems. The novelty of a curved screen edge might have died down by now, though Samsung has admittedly improved the functionality of its edge to make it more worth the higher price tag.

There is still some question on whether Samsung will follow through with a Galaxy S7 edge+ like last year's generation. There is talk that the Galaxy Note 6 might combine both designs, though there is still some uncertainty about that. Given how much Samsung has invested in this giant Galaxy S7 edge, it might hinting that it is going to be the only curved edge smartphone for a while.

SOURCE: Samsung