RunCore offers SSD specials for Christmas

RunCore has announced that it is offering some special deals on a couple of its SSD upgrade products just in time for geeky Christmas giving. The deals will see some impressive discounts on a pair of its consumer focused SSD devices.

The two special deals include the 64GB RunCore ProIV Light 50mm PATA mini PCIs SSD that is made specifically for the Dell Mini 9 and Vostro A90 machines. The regular price for the SSD is $229.99 and the sale price for Christmas is $199.99.

The other special deal is the 64GB RunCore ProIV 1.8" 5mm PATA ZIF SSD for PCs. The normal price on this SSD is also $229.99 with the special sale price right now at $189.99. You can get the special deals at several RunCore dealers including MFACTORS and My Digital Discount in the US. In Europe, you can get the deals at KOBE, Diamond Point International, and WINKOM; and in Asia at Sarutek and BuySaturday.