Rumored iPhone Nano cases go on sale

How many rumors does it take to convince even the most skeptical person that the iPhone Nano is indeed real? Well how about the sale of accessories made just for the rumored iPhone Nano? Case manufacturer XSKN has gone and created custom cases especially for the rumored handset.

Now we do not know what they are thinking over at XSKN. They may have seen a window of opportunity to get ahead with these accessories and taken it. If the rumors of the iPhone Nano turn out to be nothing more that rumors, at least they managed to drive a lot of traffic their way. Someone over at XSKN must be pretty convinced that these rumors are true.

XSKN may even manage to start a few more rumors with the supposed information they have on the iPhone Nano. This company was right last time when they released the fourth generation iPod Nano cases even before being announced. If Apple is indeed giving them information prior to releasing products, it would be wise to steer clear of them in the future.