Rumored BestBuy listing for MacBook and MacBook Pro

More BestBuy inventory sheets have surfaced this week, this time they lists the new MacBook and MacBook Pro that will be announced tomorrow at Apples event, (that we will be live blogging). Nothing large or mind blowing was revealed in the inventory sheets. The main focus is really on the pricing that they list.

The inventory sheets do not give off a shelf date or any specifications other than screen size and model. The pricing listed is exactly the same as current models. If the inventory sheets are true, this squashes all of the rumors of price drops, much less an $800 dollar MacBook. Here is a breakdown by screen size, model and price:

GREEN = $1,999.99 – 15" MacBook Pro base model

PURPLE = $2,799.99 – 17" MacBook Pro base model

YELLOW = $1,499.99 – 13" MacBook top end model

BLUE = $2,499.99 – 15" MacBook Pro mid model

ORANGE = $1,299.99 – 13" MacBook mid Model

RED = $1,099.99 – 13" MacBook base model

There is no mention of a new MacBook Air which is very surprising being the innovative device that it is. Still no word if the two tone MacBook that was rumored will become a reality. No BestBuy employee has come fourth and confirmed this information, looks like we will just have to wait till tomorrow.

[Via Gizmodo]