Rumor: Toshiba To Surrender On Format War?

We know how much you like rumor, especially one concerns the Format War. The Hollywood Reporter has ruled the current affair is not a longer a Format War but a format death watch. They have reliable sources that saying Toshiba is expected to pull the plug on its HD DVD format in the coming weeks.

I wouldn't be surprised. Nothing has been working out for HD-DVD since the Warner's setback, they have lost sales in software and hardware, supports on rental and retail stores, and what they have done to stop the bleeding? None, really.

The highly anticipate Super Bowl ad turned out a re-hashed version of an old advertisement, and only aired in selected cities. New marketing strategy carried out the same price-cut and cheaper hardware that the only way they knew how to compete with the rival. What they have managed is keeping the last two allies, Paramount and Universal studio in the pocket to keep the Format War alive.

The marketing and official's response to losing position seems mute and lack of fight. The Promotional Group and Toshiba are still rephrasing the same canned argument of HD-DVD is better and they have faith that thing will work out...just fine. Never get old huh. May be it's true; Toshiba is running out of breath and they are taking the highway, but to think Toshiba would drop the Format before Paramount and Universal Studio is hard to swallow.