Rumor - Sony cutting PS2 price to $99 next year

Sure, many kids will be putting down the Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 on their wishlists this year. However, the PS2 is far from finished. I've personally had mine since launch, and still use it on a fairly regular basis. There are plenty of good games out there, so its no surprise that it is still selling rather well. The good news is that a price drop may soon be coming.

Unfortunately for those hoping to see this reduction in price for the holidays, you'll be sadly disappointed. According to sources, Sony will be dropping the price on the slimmed-down version of my favorite Sony console early next year.

The good thing for PS3 gamers is that since they can't play their old games on their new console, they'll at least be able to pick up a brand-new PS2 for under $100. Personally, I still think many people would rather front the extra cash to not need an extra console sitting around, but that's just me.

$99 Sony PS2 Console to come 2008? [via i4u]