Rumor - Some Xbox Live games free to play online

Last week we heard that Microsoft decided to make the Games for Windows Live service free for everyone to use. This of course led to wide speculation that they may move to make all Live services (or at least multiplayer service) for the 360 free as well. According to rumor, some of this may have already taken place.

Last weekend was a free Live weekend, so it was hard for anyone to really test this, but at least one person claims that they were able to play games like Shadowrun and Universe at War: Earth Assault online since Wednesday. A check of his Gamercard showed that he was playing Shadowrun online with his silver account last week.

So does this mean that we're going to get free multiplayer gaming on Live? I'm not so sure. All titles that he was able to play also happen to be Games for Windows titles. So it seems that perhaps titles that happen to be both available for Windows and Xbox 360 will be free to play online. Any other Silver members out there had a chance to test this?

[via Kotaku]