Rumor: Seeqpod snatched up by Microsoft

Well isn't this interesting. If all the scattered clues are correct, it seems that Seeqpod has been acquired by Microsoft. The site was shut down numerous times and the company entered bankruptcy, so it would make sense if this rumor turns out to be true.

Seeqpod is a search engine site for music and media. It's current site shows that it's having a "metamorphosis" and this word links to the Microsoft Live Search page. That's definitely a big hint as to who could have bought them out.

And with Kasian Franks, chief of the Seeqpod, confirming in the past that they were in discussions with a big media firm, everything is starting to fall into place. With Microsoft continually expanding the services associated with their Zune music player, the addition of a Seeqpod-type search would make sense.