Rumor - RockStar Games going PS3 exclusive

While things have certainly changed since the launch of the PS3, there is still one major complaint that people have about Sony's flagship console. The fact that the PS3 doesn't have an excessive amount of exclusive titles is brought up wherever fanboy arguments break out. For those of you sitting in the PS3 camp, you will likely be able to tell your 360-loving enemies that all future Grand Theft Auto titles will likely be exclusive to your favorite console.

While nothing has been completely confirmed, a RockStar employee has suggested that further gaming development will be exclusive to the PS3. You can find the quote in this month's Play Magazine.

I really wouldn't be surprised to hear that they decide to take the exclusive route. RockStar and Take Two aren't in the best financial position, so a truckload of money from Sony for exclusive rights would be pretty hard to pass up.

[via MaxConsole]