Rumor - Rock Band 2 Will Hit The PS3 Only A Month After 360 Release

We already know that Rock Band 2 is going to make its debut on the Xbox 360 before any other console. However, we've gotten no word on just how long we'll have to wait before it is released on the PS3 and Wii. However, thanks to a few snapshots from a retailer, we may have a better idea.

According to the screens, we can expect the Xbox 360 version to hit stores on September 14th. The PS3 owners will have to wait just over a month for their October 19th release, while Wii owners won't see it until November 18th.

I'm actually a bit relieved to hear that the PS3 version is only a month behind. There was some speculation that Microsoft might have paid for a several-month exclusive, but that doesn't appear to be the case. For the disappointed Wii owners, the two month wait isn't nearly as bad as the last time around.

[via Kotaku]