Rumor - Nvidia to bring DirectX 10 to AGP cards

I tend to keep my computer as up-to-date as possible without making major upgrades every month. Needless to say I haven't used an AGP card in my gaming rig for some time. However, some people are still running older hardware and are looking for the opportunity to get a DirectX 10 card on their older motherboard. According to sources, Nvidia may be able to help them out.

Sources inside the company claim that they are working on a chip that will allow the PCI Express G73 GPU to work on an AGP card. While that's not going to get you DX 10, they're working on another that will work with G84 and G86 GPUs.

AMD is working on a similar initiative with their R630 and R610 cards, though they are having trouble with instability issues with DirectX 10 and HDMI support. Honestly, I'm not sure if this effort is really worthwhile. Most people still running AGP systems aren't going to be able to fully enjoy DirectX 10 games without doing some other upgrades anyway. They could likely take the money that they're going to throw into a nice GPU and the extra RAM they'll likely end up putting in and spend it on a better system overall.

New bridge chip to bring GeForce 8 series to AGP [via digitimes]