Rumor: Nokia N95 8GB finally coming stateside?

Mobile City Online has a preorder going on for the North American edition of the Nokia N95 8GB with an expected arrival date of February 15th next year. This means that we could be seeing the announcement at next years Mobile World Congress.

The price they have listed is $800 which is pretty hefty considering what an 8GB iPhone goes for. But if you prefer the S60 mobile OS or you just like the other features of the Nokia, then by all means, spend twice the cost of an iPhone on one device, the upside is that you don't have to sign a contract with the Nokia device, its all yours from the beginning.

Stefan over at IntoMobile highly recommends you just pick up the current version of the N95 and throw an 8GB microSD card into it instead of buying the new model. But the new model will probably sell like hotcakes (maybe not like hotcakes, their like a dollar or something like that, these are like 800 times more expensive).

Nokia N95 8GB North American Edition to be announced at 3GSM? [via intomobile]