Rumor - Leopard to launch October 26th

In all the excitement of the iPhone launch, some people have forgotten about the OS that was put on the back burner to make the iPhone launch happen when it did. It was delayed until sometime in October. It seems like ages ago that the announcement was made, and it is now indeed October. Is Leopard going to make its debut? Signs point to yes.

If rumors are to be believed, we should see the Leopard launch at exactly 6:00 PM on Friday October 26th. I love how some of these rumors are so precise. While Apple hasn't exactly come right out and said the date, they have supposedly told some partners that Leopard is "expected to ship in October" and to expect the release to be "on a Friday... but it won't be this Friday or next Friday." Boy, I wonder which Friday it will be.

Another sign that points to an launch in the very near future is that AppleCare technicians have been following training modules that involve key components of Leopard. We'll be sure to keep you up to take on and announcements Apple makes surrounding the much-anticipated OS.

Apple expands Leopard training to all of AppleCare [via appleinsider]