Rumor - Guitar Hero IV to include more than just guitars

When Rock Band was announced last year, the first thing that drew everyone in was the fact that not only could you rock out to your favorite tunes with a guitar, but you'd also have drums and a mic as well. According to a recent interview with Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, they are planning to do the same thing for Guitar Hero IV.

I have to say that I'm a bit surprised at this move. First, the game is called Guitar Hero. What kind of guitar hero plays the drums? I will admit that it is a lot of fun to be able to rock out with three of my friends at the same time, so I can understand why they would want to make the change.

I'm concerned at their ability to sucessfully pull this off though. Part of the reason why Rock Band is so successful is that they have a steady stream of DLC each week. We've yet to see any consistancy with Guitar Hero in this area.  Activision has promised regular downloadable content as early as June with Guitar Hero Aerosmith, however, after being disappointed with Guitar Hero II and 3 (in the DLC area, not actual gameplay) I'll have to see this to believe it.

[via CrunchGear]