Rumor - Goodbye Mac mini, hello Mac nano

We've heard rumors in the past about Apple killing off the Mac mini, however, Apple hasn't actually made any moves in that direction thus far. Those rumors are making their rounds again, only this time there is mention of a successor to the tiniest of Macs.

The rumors are indicating that by the end of October the Mac mini will be officially dead. To take its place will be the Mac nano. As the name suggests, this new Mac would be much smaller than the current mini. It would only be tall and wide enough to accommodate a hard drive and optical drive. It would be roughly 2/3 the hight of the mini.

The end of October will be here before you know it, so we shouldn't have long to wait before we know how much truth this rumor contains. We've been hearing about an ultraportable MacBook for ages without actually seeing anything, so I'm not putting a lot of faith behind this one.

Rumor: Mac mini turns Nano in late October [via tuaw]