Rumor: even Roger's might be getting some HTC Touch love

I won't bother boring you with the exact stats of the HTC Touch again, as you have likely seen it just about every other day recently. But the gist of it is that so far, for devices that are actually being sold, this is the closest thing to the iPhone anyone has out.

Well Roger's, the Canadian cellular network service provider, is apparently getting their own HTC Touch too. Just days after finding out Sprint is getting the device, it now looks like they aren't alone, and everybody seems to be getting it right before the holiday season.

I wonder how many other networks are going to get blessed with a version of the HTC Touch. The only other phone that could be coming out any time soon that is a real iPhone competitor is the previously covered LG-CU920 I covered not too long ago, and it's coming out on the same network as the iPhone, AT&T.

Rogers Wireless to launch HTC Touch soon? [via intomobile]