Rumor claims upcoming Toyota GR Corolla won't use hybrid power

Rumors have been swelling that Toyota is looking to add another hopped up compact car to its GR line of sports cars. Americans can't get the cool GR Yaris, which we are rather bummed about. Rumor has suggested that Toyota will launch a GR Corolla sometime in 2023. Toyota has filed a trademark for the GR Corolla name, and insiders claim the car is definitely coming.

However, rumors suggest that the GR Corolla won't use electrification. Odds are, the Corolla would use the same engine as the GR Yaris, which Toyota reportedly spent significant sums of money developing. The GR Corolla is expected to use the same platform as the GR Yaris, which would mean 257 horsepower and all-wheel-drive with rear-biased torque.

Pricing is a bit of a mystery as rumor sources haven't shed any light on that front. It would undoubtedly cost more than the GR Yaris, priced in Europe at £33,000 for starters. The assumption would be a GR Corolla would be priced on par with rivals like the Golf R.

We'd love to think that Toyota's need to recoup its development costs on the turbo three-cylinder engine used in the GR Yaris would mean the car would eventually come to the United States. There is no indication of that, and odds are American buyers may not want to spend what Toyota would try and charge for the car stateside.

We believe there is certainly a market left for hot hatchbacks and sporty cars in the United States. We love to see the segment make a comeback. It is also nice to hear that Toyota still plans to use non-electrified power plants in its performance cars for now. Many automakers are moving towards less powerful combustion engines supplemented by electric systems.