Rumor: Asus releasing Eee Desktop next year?

Apparently Jonathan Tseng, the Vice President of marketing over at Asus, has rattled his jawbones, and out came some noise about an Eee desktop PC. Chances are it will be like the Eee laptop, but with a bigger case, a detached keyboard and mouse, and maybe some speakers.

It will probably be a BYOM (bring your own monitor) package, where everything else is included. Hopefully they consider a serious upgrade in performance for the desktop, it will probably run the same OS as the Eee, which is fine, there is nothing wrong with a nice Linux distro coming pre-installed on a desktop.

All I have to say is, the price for performance ration better be a little closer to 1:1 than they got with their Eee laptop, or at the very least it better be more upgradeable, I would love the Eee if when you cracked it open your found like 2-4 SD or CF card slots that were providing the storage. But when you have to de-solder and then solder in larger flash IC's to get more storage, screw that.

Asus Eee Desktop Coming in 2008 [via gizmodo]