Rumor – Asus is working on Apple’s Mac Tablet

Chris Scott Barr - Nov 6, 2007

How long have we been hearing rumors about an Apple Tablet? Seems like it’s been going on for years. Well now we have an actual confirmation from a company that they are producing the fabled Mac Tablet. Like with every other “confirmation” from a “source” in this industry, you’ll want to take the recommended dose of salt.

An insider at Asus has claimed that the company has been working on a tablet for a Apple that blends the power of the MacBook Pro with the touchscreen capabilities of the iPhone. Could this mean a Multitouch tablet?

Sadly, until either Asus or Apple officially comes forth with an announcement, we’re going to chalk this one up as another rumor. I don’t doubt that Apple is at least contemplating a tablet, but who knows when they’ll actually get around to making it.

ASUS: ‘We’re building Apple a Tablet PC’
[via MYiTablet]

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