Rubin denies he's leaving Google: 900k daily Android activations

It's not often that Andy Rubin takes to Twitter, but a rumor first posted by Robert Scoble on Google+ has prompted Google's Senior Vice President of Mobile to post an update. The tip sent to Scoble detailed how Rubin would be leaving Google to go work to a new startup called CloudCar. Rubin recently published his eleventh tweet, saying that the rumors were false and that he was staying put at Google.

In addition, Rubin also gave an update for daily Android activations, which was hitting around 850,000 back in February when Mobile World Congress was in full swing. Rubin has now declared that Android is up to 900,000 activations per day. Of course, there's no distinction between smartphones, tablets, or other devices running Google's OS.

The large amount of activations matched with a flurry of Android smartphones in the United States has helped to push Android to a 51% market share as of March. Growth seems to have slowed slightly, but the platform is still expanding and owns the majority of the market, so we doubt Google is worried. The iPhone, meanwhile, has 30.7% of the market in the US, RIM continues to see declines to 12.3%, and Microsoft sits near the bottom with 3.9%.