Rubber Band Gatling Gun Costs $499

We've seen Do It Yourself weapons made to track heat and shoot on contact, but some how this hand-made rubber band gatling gun just takes the cake. The majority of the construction is created from aluminum, and each one of the weapons is hand-made by those folks at Gadgets & Gear. And, as the title suggests, it will set you back a few pennies, but how can anyone pass up on a rubber band gatling gun?

The weapon weighs 20 pounds, and it's made of CNC machined parts. And with your purchase, you not only get the gatling gun itself, but you also get two pounds worth of rubber bands to let fly. That's a good thing, considering the gun can fire up to 100 rounds/rubber bands at a time.

It gets better with the inclusion of a mounted flashlight at the top of the weapon. You can order yourself one right now from Gadgets & Gear — the running total is $499, and you'll have to wait two weeks while they make it.. The creators say that the gun was manufactured to hold size 64 rubber bands, so that even if you point-blank shoot someone, it won't hurt. We don't necessarily say you should try that at home. And if you want them to make a longer barrel, which will shoot "more powerful rubber bands," they can make that happen. Check out the video below to watch the gun in action.

[via GearDiary]